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Art and Electronic Media (Phaidon, 2009, 2011, 2014)Telematic Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art, Technology, and Consciousness. A Collection of Essays by Roy Ascott. Uni California Press, 2003, 2007.Inventar el Futuro: Arte - Electricidad - Nuevos Medios. (Fiction Department, 2013, Spanish/Español)Systems (Documents of Contemporary Art) Whitechapel/MIT, 2015

Essays & Choice Morsels

Deus ex Poiesis: The End of the World and the Future of Art and Technology”Rees Synthetic Cells Cover
(Eng/Span, 2022).

“Embodied Minds and Enminded Bodies: Michael Rees’ Synthetic Cells –
Playing with the Virtual Germination of Joy as Wisdom”

“Pushing the Limits: Surrealism, Possession, and the Multiple Self:
Juan Downey and The Laughing Alligator”

“A Sounding Happens: Pauline Oliveros, Expanded Consciousness, and Healing” (2017)

“Tipping the Scales: The Harrisons and the Force Majeure” (2017)1118475208

“Contemporary Art and New Media: Hybrid Discourse
or Digital Divide?”
(2016)  <Portuguese Trans>

Yolande Harris: Listening to the Distance (exhib cat). Ed. and essay (2016)

“Love Is a Good Place to Start: A Conversation with Ken Feingold” (English/Polish) (2015)

“In Forming Software: Software, Structuralism, Demythification” (2014)

“Bringing To and Bringing Out: Art, Culture, and Social Media”
Whitney Shared Spaces symposium, 2014.
135MB .pptx and Video of talkBringing To Cover Slide 2014

Computing, Aesthetic (Oxford Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, 2014)

Broken Circle &/ Spiral Hill:  Smithson’s Spirals,
Pataphysics, Syzygy, and Survival”
2013.  ISEA 2012 presentation .pdf

“In Forming Software: Software, Structuralism, Dematerialization” (2012)

“Investigatory Art:  Real Time Systems and Network Culture” (2012)
Hohenberg Chair lecture presentation .pdf (2.5MB)

Mainframe cover 2013“Tuning in and Spacing Out: Notes on the Presentness of Sound” (2012)

“Contemporary Art and New Media: Toward a Hybrid Discourse?” (2011)

“Alternative Nows and Thens to Be: Re-imagining History to (Re)View the Future –  Photography, New Media, and Art Historical Revision” (2011)
<Spanish translation, 2011>     <Polish translation, 2014>

“The History and Future of the Lab: Collaborative Research at the Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology” (2010)  Catalan: “Història i Futur del Laboratori…”

“Reprogramming Systems Aesthetics: A Strategic Historiography”

“Technogenesis: Aesthetic Dimensions of Art and Biotechnology” (2008)Relive Cover 2013

“Historicizing Art and Technology: Forging a Method, Firing a Canon”  (2007)
Portuguese: “Historicizar Arte e Tecnologia…”
Italian: “Storicizzando arte e tecnologia…”

Artists in Industry and the Academy: Collaborative Research, Interdisciplinary
and the Interpretation of Hybrid Forms” (2005). Video of lecture.

“Hot to Bot: Pygmalion’s Lust, the Maharal’s Fear, and the Cyborg Future of Art” (2005)

Cybernetics and Art: Cultural Convergence in the 1960s (2002).

“Art in the Information Age: Technology and Conceptual Art” (2001).
Italian: “L’arte nell’era dell’informazione…”
Realplayer Video of talk at UCLA Design|Media Arts, 2000.

Telematic Embrace:  A Love Story?  Roy Ascott’s Theory of Telematic Art” (2001) “L’abbraccio telematico: Una storia d’amore?” (Italian)

“Missing in Action: Agency and Meaning in Interactive Art” (2000-11)

“Tele-Agency: Telematics, Telerobotics, and the Art of Meaning” (1.8MB .pdf)  (2000)

“Life as We Know It, and/or Life as It Could Be:
Epistemology and the Ontology/Ontogeny of Artificial Life”

arte_ciência_tecnologia_sistema cover

“The House that Jack Built: 
Jack Burnham’s Concept of Software as a Metaphor for Art”

“From Drips to ZOOBS: The Cosmology of Artist/Inventor Michael Grey” (1998) ArtByte (juicy design, no footnotes 9MB .pdf); Full draft with notes (350k .pdf)

“Gemini Rising, Moon in Apollo: Art and Technology in the US, 1966-1971” (1997)

“Technology and Intuition – A Love Story?  Roy Ascott’s ‘Telematic Embrace'” (1997)

“Virtual Perspective and the Artistic Vision:
A Genealogy of Technology, Perception and Power” (1996)

Other Tasty Tidbits

Sporadical Fallout” (poem, 2019)

“Conversa com Edward Shanken” (interview D Gasparetto, Portuguese, 2014)

Speculative Scenarios

The $34.2 million Question:
Writing Histories or Staging Alternative Futures” (2013)

“Not Just Smoke and Mirrors: rAndom International” (2013)

“Betwixt and Between, or Notes on Observing:
Michael Joaquin Grey’s Between Simonetta”(1.5MB .pdf, Ger/Eng 2011)

“Edward Shanken on ‘Is New Media Accepted in the Artworld?'” (2011)

“Response to Domenico Quaranta’s ‘The Postmedia Perspective'” (2011)  

“Contemporary Art and New Media: Outline for Developing a Hybrid Discourse” (2010)

“Knowing Art/Transcending Science:
Perception, Consciousness, Synchronicity and Transgnosis” (2010)

“Art and Science: A Renewed Unity! Collaborative Research,
Transdisciplinary Scholarship, and the Interpretation of Hybrid Forms,” (2009)

Inventing the Future: Art and Net Ontologies,” (2009)

“Lev Manovich on ‘Cultural Analytics’ at Paradiso” (2009)

“The Video Mirror and Its Genetic Double: Richard Kriesche’s Twins Reflected through
‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,’” (Eng/German, 2008Kriesche Capital + Code cover)

“The Imploding Cube Meets the Beating Heart: The Gestalt of
Andres Ramirez Gaviria’s ‘0.’ And ‘Resonance’” (2008)

“Review: PICNIC 2008: ‘Three Days of Miracle and Wonder?'” (2008)

SONAR 2006 Review (2006)

“Lowell Boyers: Inhale Exhale” (2006)

Altering Nature“Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral? Headless Two-Headed Hydra,
or, the Art of Michael Rees”(2005)

“Pioneers of Art and Science: Metzger (review of Gustav Metzger DVD)” (2005)

Telematic Embrace: A Love Story? Roy Ascott’s Theories of Telematic Art (2001)

“Divided We Stand: Interactive Art and the Limits of Freedom” (1997)

“Jeffrey Shaw’s Golden Calf: Art Meets Religion and Virtual Reality” (1994)


Art In The Information Age:  Cybernetics, Software, Telematics and the
Conceptual Contributions
 of Art and Technology to Art History and Aesthetic Theory. Duke University, 2001.

Videos of Lectures

Documentary Film 

Free Space:  Process – Collaboration – Performance (28 min, color, 2003)

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